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Walk in the park

Jim Cullen
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03 Sep 2014

Well the team met up. Arriving from various airts and pairts, maws, paws, grandas, grannies and their dug and a fine walk was had by all.

What was even better was the talk to others as we all walked in a sunshine day. To talk and to find out what brought them here to give of their time.

Familiar and not too familiar stories were shared. The idea that shone through was that we are all in this together.

Team Cullen would like to thank you all.

Your kindness in donations gives smiles in amongst the grind of douring the treatments out that patients and families go through.

From the people who gave anonymous donations to the named ones please look in a mirror,  smile and give yourselves a massive hug. Its what Team Cullen sends to you.




A brilliant day for a brilliant cause. This will be an on-going thing for us for as Jaime says "by a simple twist of fate it could be you" (or yours). God bless all those who participated and for their donations.........keep 'em coming !


James, on behalf of the charity thank you so, so much for everything you're doing to help us beat blood cancer. I'm so glad that the walk was such a success and that it has helped bring you even closer together. I wish you all the best in the future and keep doing what you're doing to help raise awareness.