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Walking to Beat Blood Cancer

Sophia A
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23 Sep 2014

An inspirational family from Denby, Derbyshire organised a fantastic event called the 24 hour Derbyshire Relay Walk at the end of July.  When Graham Middleton was diagnosed with cancer, his whole family was floored by the news.

But now, four years on, they held a  24-hour sponsored walk relay, raising money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.  The family have been on what they describe as "a rollercoaster" of emotions since Graham was diagnosed with the illness in 2010.

But they have refused to let the cancer break down their loving family bond.
Reflecting on events, Viv Middleton, Graham's wife, said: "We have got this cancer in our lives but have not let it define our lives."  This emotive determination is something felt throughout the close-knit family, which is made up of the couple and their four children – Mollie, Evie, Harry and their youngest son, Archie.

Now the final totals are just under the £3000 mark, I wanted to say a huge thank you to all those involved who helped the Middleton family not only plan, but execute a fantastic event!  Everyone who participated wore a Leukaemia & Lymphoma t-shirt, adding to an amazing image of people walking in a sea of red tshirts.  

The collection buckets were being filled up as the walkers continued their journey from cars passing by, people walking on the street and of course the happy waves and well done from all the local people.

On behalf of everyone at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, I wanted to say a massive thank you to the entire Middleton Family and all their friends and family who made this event possible.  Hopefully it will happen again as I know many people want to take part again!






What a great idea and fantastic achievement!

Not sure I could handle walking for 24 hours!!!!

I think what's fantastic about this is the way that an entire community have got behind the family's efforts to do something so positive and turn a negative so completely on its head.

I hope Graham is doing well and well done to all involved.

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