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Watch The Eulogy of Toby Peach at the Criterion Theatre

Andy Jackson
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30 Sep 2013

On Monday 24th October Bloodwise Ambassador Toby Peach is performing his award winning show 'The Eulogy of Toby Peach' about his experiences with Hodgkin lymphoma at the Criterion Theatre in London. It's a special one-off performance that we'd love for as many Ambassadors as possible to able to be there.

The show is going to be on sale to members of the public however we'd like to give you first refusal on tickets which are on us to say a huge thank you for all your incredible support and hard work during Blood Cancer Awareness Month which was our best to date.

This is a great opportunity for us to to come together, support one of our own and watch a show which provides a unique take on living with and going through treatment for blood cancer.

I've not actually seen the show the whole way through yet but I have seen an abridged version which Toby performed to the staff at Bloodwise HQ and it was moving, relatable (even though I didn't have Hodgkin lymphoma) and, oddly, at times very amusing. Here's a little clip from the show which I hope gives you an indication of what to expect:

Sadly we don't have a budget to be able to pay for any accommodation or travel costs however there is also no limit on the number of tickets per person so do feel free to invite friends, family and other patients that you think might be interested.

To register your interest in tickets email our Patient Information Administration Assistant, Afia, at with the number of tickets that you'd like for the show.

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