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Watch the highlights from Meet the Scientists 2019

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10 Dec 2019

The event was an opportunity to hear about the latest updates in treatments and technologies. 

If you weren’t able to join us or you want to see the highlights from then we’ve collated all the highlights to fill you in.

Latest Blood cancer breakthroughs

First on stage was from Dr Bela Wrench of the Bart’s Cancer Institute, who gave an overview of recent breakthroughs in blood cancer research. From gut bacteria to artificial intelligence, Bela touched on the most exciting research going on in the field at the moment.

CAR-T: where we are now and looking to the future

Next, Dr Martin Pule from University College London Hospital spoke about CAR-T. Martin recently appeared in the BBC documentary ‘War in the Blood’, explaining very complicated science simply. 

What is genomics and what does it mean for people with blood cancer?

The final scientific talk came from Dr Angela Hamblin from Oxford University NHS Trust. Angela’s introduction to genomic sequencing demystified some of the more confusing elements of the science. In a discussion afterwards one audience member said that her talk was a real ‘lightbulb moment’, explaining an element of the science that they had never been able to understand before.

Bloodwise Ambassador talk

The event ended with a talk from Bloodwise Ambassador, Mel Plumridge, who shared his experience of his diagnosis and treatment. Mel spoke openly about challenges he faced when it came to his relationships with people close to him. As many members of the audience had similar experiences, his speech really resonated with the room. 


This is such an exciting time for blood cancer research. If you would like to be part of research breakthroughs like these click here to donate.

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