The Bloodwise logo. Bloodwise appears in black text against a white background
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We’re changing to Blood Cancer UK

The Bloodwise logo. Bloodwise appears in black text against a white background
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Updated 29 Jan 2020

Bloodwise will be changing its name to Blood Cancer UK in Spring 2020.

The decision to change our name follows a year-long discussion with the Bloodwise community about how we can improve our communications and so reach more people affected by blood cancer.

Right from the start, lots of people in our community told us our current name is holding us back. Too many people don’t realise we’re a blood cancer charity, or think we’re a blood donation service.

This means people are missing out on information and support, as well as the chance to raise money to help us beat blood cancer.

Changing our name wasn’t something we wanted to do and isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly, particularly given that we only changed to Bloodwise a few years ago.

But we wanted the decision to be led by the people who make up our community. So we’ve held meetings around the country with our supporters, and held online sessions for people who couldn’t be there in person. We’ve also met with people affected by blood cancer who don’t know anything about us and asked them what they think.

All these groups told us loud and clear that we should change our name to something that simply describes what we do. They also told us that Blood Cancer UK is the name that does this best.

We put all this evidence to our Board of Trustees at the end of last year. They unanimously agreed that changing our name to Blood Cancer UK is the right thing to do for people affected by blood cancer.

So that’s what we’re going to do.

We’re now working on getting ready to change our name in the Spring. This means making sure our new name and logo will be across our website, patient information, and all our fundraising and awareness-raising materials.

We’ve minimised costs as much as possible, for example by ordering lower quantities of our materials so we won’t have leftover stock with our old name.

We’re also lucky that we have a small group of supporters who feel so passionate about the importance of good communications that they have kindly decided to raise the money to cover the cost of changing our name. This means that when people are fundraising for us, they can be confident that none of the money they raise will be going towards the cost of the name change.

We’re really excited about the potential for us to beat blood cancer sooner under a new, clearer name. We hope you are, too.

If you’ve got any questions about our name change, please call us on 0808 169 5155. We’ve been sending regular email updates about our plans as they develop. If you’ve not received these and would like to get the next one, sign up below.


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