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28 Apr 2014


Hi all, thanks for reading!

We returned from Holland yesterday, having safely completed our ride (and my stag!).

What a trip.

The cycle team absolutely smashed it! From mile 1 at the National Theatre to mile 120+ through Holland, it was the most epic trip. I'll do a post later about boring practicalities, lessons learned and things we'd all do differently, but for now all that matters, all that matters is that we did it!

And, in other news: WE'VE DONE IT! Thanks to your generousity, your kind nature, your scraping down the back of the sofa for another pound, today we smashed passed £1500 for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. This amazing charity has helped bring out the best in all of you: THANK YOU!

At the very beginning of Day 2 as we breakfasted in the ferry, an older couple accosted us; having seen our lycra they knew we were doing some form of charity event and they came to see us for a chat and a discussion. And then they donated €50. €50 cash to a bunch of men they'd never see before, and never see again. I've donated it onto the page, and can't express enough regret we never found out their names (mitigation here: we'd had five hours sleep on a boat after cycling 80 miles!) but to them we must say THANK YOU. They'd lost their son to Aplastic Aneimia, and have always tried to support fundraising since. Their act of generousity really helped spur us on. But so did all of you. As we arrived in Amsterdam, we checked the total and were all gobsmacked that you wonderful people had helped us arrive at, and now supercede, our target!

You all rock. We rocked. We wobbled. We fell down, we picked each other up. We laughed, we ached, we hurt, we attempted to talk as we cycled next to the A12, we went to Harwich, we'll never return to Harwich, we discovered what Holland has going for it (everything), and we discovered that iPhones don't enjoy being run over.

Together we were all unstoppable. Now let's find a way to stop Blood Cancers.

JW x

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