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We choose to go to the Cotswolds, not because it is easy ....

Graham James
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07 Jul 2015

....... but because it is ******* hard. JFK knew what he was talking about.

Just to let you all know that I competed the ride on Sunday and I wanted to thank you all again for your incredible support and generosity. I really could not have done it without your help and encouragement, and I mean that. There were times when I was totally spent but I could not let you down. Yes, the hills were alive with the sound of grunting alright but even God was on my side. Well that's how I interpreted the horrendous thunder storm I encountered over the final few miles - my speed certainly picked up as I pondered what a 500,000 volt bolt of lightning might do to my nadgers with all that metal between my legs.

The event organisers had dismantled pretty much everything as I cycled into an eerily empty Cannon Hill Park and I wondered whether I was in the right place until I saw a few familiar faces in the distance. A man in the middle of the drive stopped me and announced I had finished and a young woman stepped forward with my medal and a canned energy drink. That was handy I thought. My grandson, Ethan, said everyone had gone home and I was last. As I struggled off my bike to give him a sound thrashing, another rider limped to the finish-line prompting Ethan to proudly announce that I was not the worst after all. I could walk tall from the park after all - well, I tried.

I will do a roll of honour to you all in my last blog tomorrow. Thank you all so much.

Kind regards,

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