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01 Sep 2014

We completed the London Bikeathon 2014 in aid of Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research!


We acheived the 52 mile route in what can only be described as a hugely sucessful event! My first thanks must go to the organisers for putting on such a wonderful event. The routes were really well planned and we saw some fantastic places in central London. The marshal and signs were just what was needed, along with everyone at the finish line cheering us all in to the finish line. It was an emotinal day for lots of people myself included.


We rode a total of 52.15 miles! My first phone battery died, but I managed to get the second started just as the first gave up the ghost, 


Here is the first, I have ammended the route to show where the 2nd bit joins on so although the title states 50.97, it is infact  44,34miles. The second one is 7.81 miles which saw us head to the finish line and a well deserved drink!

We took the day slow and steady with all four of us in team Cripple Gregory not sure we would be able to complete the 52 miles. My Uncle Brian still has a very bad knee, Izzy feeling continiously dizzy since earlier in the year 24/7 and my sister not having had as much training as she would have liked, but we completed it. Total ride time was 4 hours 50 minutes, and with stops for water/food and the dreaded london traffic and traffic lights, 6.5 hours! I am immensely proud of what we acheived during the day as it was seriously hard going. For the last 5 miles I could hardly sit on my saddle, but the alternative was to get up and really push forwards cycling standing. Not good after you have completed 37 miles already as the energy simply isnt there! 

What got me though the entire bikeathon was seeing the mass of red shirts cycling through London with one aim, to Beat Blood Cancer. I had some donations come in along the route yesterday, which resulted in emails popping on whilst I was checking the distance on my phone at points throughout the route. These REALLY spured me and the rest of us on! I can honestly not say how much of a mental difference this made!!! The same can be said about the finish line. I was all but ruined heading up Farringdon Road, but turning the corner into Guildford Street and hearing the music, with marshals and volunteers lining the entrance and road into Corams Field really gave me the energy to make the amazing journey! I have no idea who you guys were, but Thanks you!

I really need to say thank you to Helen as well who has been there every step of the way supporting me during training- collecting me when I got punctures, giving me a kick up the bum to get out and train, to driving to the start line on sunday morning at a time of the day that we dont normally see on Sunday's, and for cheering us on through Canary Whalf, and more importantly for driving me back safely last night! Thank you!!

I also need to say a huge thank you to every single one of you who has donated. You have really helped me to acheive the bikeathon, but more importantly you have enabled Leukaemia Lymphoma Research to help all those people effects by blood cancers, help the patients receive the best possiable care, and most importantly of all, you have all helped to BEAT BLOOD CANCER!

Fundraising is not closed yet to donations so please if you havent already then please head here to donate!

As a team this year we are nearly at £2000 (pounds away as I type) so please help us beat this target! Photos will be going up soon just as we try and pull them all together once my legs start working again!

Who's up for the 100 mile route out into the Surrey Hills next year??



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