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The Wedding!

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05 Jun 2015

 So our wedding was fast approaching - Saturday 26th July 2008 (eek!!) – St.John’s chemo was going well – he was completely bald – everywhere!! However his last chemo session was due to be on the Tuesday and we were due to be married on the Saturday – the hospital said he could have his last session on the Monday to allow an extra day for recovery.

On Friday 25th July – I left St.John and went to my mams to get ready for the big day – this wedding was happening regardless of what our future held.
As I mentioned earlier St.John co-owns and races a rally car – so his brother had organised for Colin McCrae’s 1999 Ford Focus WRC to pick up and take him to church – along with a few laps around a farm near where we live. This, I think, was the highlight of St.Johns day – not the wedding!! This event made the papers and BBC radio Cumbria – creating much needed awareness of lymphoma.
The day went well – St.John managed not to crash the car, he was sick just before the ceremony – a combination of nerves and chemo – and no-one objected to our wedding phew! – The meanings behind our vows (as said before ) “ In sickness and in health and till death do us part” was not wasted on anyone – least of all us two – but I wasn’t marrying him out of sympathy – I was marrying the  St.John I had been with for the last 12 years – annoying lovable St. John.

Pictures: St.John in Mcrae's WRC and Just after our wedding




You both look incredible yon your wedding day! I'm actually planning mine at the moment (it's a week on Saturday) and really don't know how you and St. John managed to find the time to plan a wedding around treatment. Huge respect!

What a lovely touch of the hospital as well to bring his treatment forward :)


Good luck on your wedding I hope you have a fab day - St.John took on a large role and everyone was very helpful - I think we were just both so happy that we had got through it - plus the rally car helped!!