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Wee boy/girl

Jim Cullen
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27 Aug 2014

It only seems like yesterday he was my wee boy. How does 40 years and a bit pass so quickly?

It also seems like yesterday that on his wee boys 4th birthday and his other wee boys 4 month old birthday,he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia with a Philadelphia+ Chromosome complication.

This really does bring it into stark relief that at 40 years and a bit he really is still, just my wee boy.

Fifty three Chemotherapies later he is ready to meet someone else’s wee boy. A German lad of thirty who has donated Peripheral Blood Stem Cells for a transplant.

So my wee boy now has a new birth day, a rebirth of his blood that gives him the best possible prognosis.

It could just as easily be someone’s wee girl needing a blood stem cell transplant.

Alas I have learned too late to be blood matched for the world wide databases of stem cells donors. Too old it seems. So I can only do what I can. Donations of thoughts, actions and some cash.

If you do nothing else, investigate how you, or someone you know, can be a blood stem cell donor. At least please send thoughts of loving kindness to the hundreds who are looking for a donor.

They are all someone’s wee boys and girls regardless of their age.
By a simple twist of fate it could be yours.

JC x