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Wee boy/girl

Jim Cullen
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27 Aug 2014

It only seems like yesterday he was my wee boy. How does 40 years and a bit pass so quickly?

It also seems like yesterday that on his wee boys 4th birthday and his other wee boys 4 month old birthday,he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia with a Philadelphia+ Chromosome complication.

This really does bring it into stark relief that at 40 years and a bit he really is still, just my wee boy.

Fifty three Chemotherapies later he is ready to meet someone else’s wee boy. A German lad of thirty who has donated Peripheral Blood Stem Cells for a transplant.

So my wee boy now has a new birth day, a rebirth of his blood that gives him the best possible prognosis.

It could just as easily be someone’s wee girl needing a blood stem cell transplant.

Alas I have learned too late to be blood matched for the world wide databases of stem cells donors. Too old it seems. So I can only do what I can. Donations of thoughts, actions and some cash.

If you do nothing else, investigate how you, or someone you know, can be a blood stem cell donor. At the very least please send thoughts of loving kindness to the hundreds who are looking for a donor.

They are all someone’s wee boys and girls regardless of their age.
By a simple twist of fate it could be yours.

JC x



Thank you so much James for sharing your son's experiences with blood cancer. I hope that he's doing well and is enjoying life at the moment and I wish you both all the best for the future.

Thank you, too, for everything that you're doing to help us beat blood through your fundraising and attempts to raise awareness and get bone marrow donors signed up to give others the opportunity of a second chance at life.

It's because of people like you that bone marrow recipients like me are still here today. Thank you and good luck with everything that you're doing to help.