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A week to go

Bill F
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06 May 2014

So, there is less than a week to go to my first Triathlon

As it is the week before my exertions, I am tapering, which means I get to laze about spending far too much time thinking about what I have let myself get involved in.  

Seriously though I am really excited about the challenge, although every small muscle tweak and ache starts me contemplating unforeseen injury and having to withdraw from the start line.

I am putting all these thoughts down to the nervous state of the Triathlon virgin.  I know I will be fine.

Since my last blog some great things have happened.

My mate Dave has joined me in training as he is also doing his first Tri with me this Sunday.  We have spent some quality time swimming, cycling and running together.  A great motivation for both of us.

We both completed a test Tri this weekend.  A great effort, which included both of us walking into a packed swimming baths mid afternoon, whilst most families were enjoying a leisurely splash, in our Tri suits, watches and goggles. Although swimming in the swim lane, I had to dodge one football and a small body board, which is the excuse I used afterwards when being well and truly beaten by Dave.

I do not know if he will join me in any other Triathlons this summer, but I know he is going to join me in the Birmingham Bikeathon, which is going to be awesome.  

Looking forward to it mate this weekend (and the celebratory drink afterwards!)

The last couple of weeks have been great for speaking with people who have sponsored me.

A work colleague told me how her family had been affected by Leukaemia.  We have spoken about this whilst in the gym. It reminds you that this type of cancer has affected quite a few people and families.  It is not until it arrives at your door and you meet other people and talk about it that you realise this.  Truly awfull really.  On a positive note she also said that seeing me training had spurred her to up her own fitness regime.  So to hear I am motivating others to get fit is really good.

Finally, I looked through my diary and schedule over the summer and worked out that I am doing the first three Triathlons in 10 weeks.  That sounds a lot of activity in a short time for a newby.

Fingers crossed number one will go well, whatever happens, I will finish with a smile on my face at the finish line.

Happy days !







Thanks for the update Bill - sounds like you're putting in some serious ground work with the training and will be more than fine for the triathlon. Not sure how you're doing three though - that's real commitment!

You must be super excited ahead of your first triathlon this weekend - good luck and remember to enjoy it. If you've got any questions (I imagine you might have a few!) I'm sure our triathlon veteran, Andrew Lambert, will be more than happy to help out. Easiest way for you to get in touch with him would probably be to drop him a comment on his blog:

Thank you so much for everything you're doing to help us beat blood cancer. I'm a leukaemia survivor myself and wouldn't still be here today if it wasn't for people like you! Keep up the good work!

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