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We're changing our name

The Bloodwise logo. Bloodwise appears in black text against a white background
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06 Nov 2019

We want to share the news that we will be changing our name, and tell you about the reasons that have led us to this decision.

The decision to change follows extensive consultation with our supporters, who told us that the name Bloodwise isn’t clear enough about what we do.

Our supporters tell us people often assume we are focused on blood donations or blood conditions generally, and this can make it more difficult for people to access our information and support services or to support our research.

We did an initial survey with our supporters earlier in the year and lots of them said we should change our name to something that makes it more obvious what we do. This has been reinforced by research we’ve carried out that shows that when the general public hears about us they do not realise we are a cancer charity, and are less likely to donate or fundraise for us than they would be if we had a more descriptive name.

We followed this with a series of workshops with our supporters across the country, and then in the summer we asked them to give their views on whether we should change.

There was overwhelming support and so in July our Board of Trustees, the group of volunteers responsible for the running of the charity, decided that we should change our name.

Our supporters also told us our look and feel doesn’t communicate the warmth and family feel that makes us special as a charity. So as well as looking at different options for names, over the last few months we have been developing a new logo and look & feel.

We will be showing these to our supporters in a series of meetings across the country over the next week. We’re suggesting our new name should be Blood Cancer UK, but we will only make a final decision once our supporters have had a chance to have their say.

Our trustees will make a final decision on our new name and look and feel later this month, and then we expect to change in Spring 2020.

We will continue to keep supporters updated on the next steps.

Gemma Peters, Chief Executive of Bloodwise, said:

“This decision is something that has come from our supporters. They have told us loud and clear that the name Bloodwise is acting as a barrier to people engaging with us, and so changing it to something clearer is in the best interests of people affected by blood cancer.

“The name Blood Cancer UK meets the criteria our supporters have set us – that it clearly communicates what we do and that it gets across that we are here for people affected by all types of blood cancer."

"A new name is never going to be a magic bullet, but it is part of a wider programme of work we’re doing to increase the number of people we’re reaching, and in doing so bring forward the day when blood cancer is finally beaten.”

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