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What Started Out as an Uninspired Post...

Rebecca J
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06 Jul 2014

... and turned into a load of rambling!


I am afraid I don’t have any majorly exciting news to impart, but felt I should drop a few lines to let you know how I am!

Today has been relatively quiet although it doesn’t actually sound it when you read this next part! After watching several episodes of Friends to pass the morning I had a tutoring session in Psychology. I’m discovering a whole new subject and really enjoying it.

I signed up to join a survey of my treatment and care for the next 3 years, as I want to use my experience to improve treatment for teens and young adults across the UK. I will be emphasizing how brilliant my TYA ward is and how benefical it is for someone my age to be in a place with similar aged patients rather than mixed with young children or sickly elderly as I think this can really effect your state of mind during a crucial period of development. I wish everyone could have this experience of a brilliant ward and carefully selected nurses suited to our age group so I hope my participation in the survey will be worthwhile and provide valuable information about living with cancer and the long term effects.

I had one visitor today and we had a lovely chat, it was so nice to see her as she knows me very well from being a discussion group leader in the past, so I felt I could be open and honest with her.

The doctors did their ususal rounds without too many concerns, at the moment my clotting levels are a bit funky because of one of the chemotherapy drugs so I then had some more transfusions of the frozen slushie like stuff I mentioned before!

I spent the rest of the day wising up on credit card safety and beginning to branch out into online shopping. Where I won’t be able to go into big crowded shops to try clothes on I am going to have to look at sizing charts and guessing the right fit which will be a pain I am sure. Looks like mum will be doing a lot of trips back and forth returning/swapping sizes- sorry in advance!

I have inevitably found five different knitwear items from that I want to purchase already and am trying to narrow it down to one or two- this is a lot harder than it sounds! The temptation is going to be big with the online shopping I can tell. They make it so easy- a few clicks and a spot of typing and voilà! Your item is on its way!

I am still getting used to my new hair, I repeatedly go to sweep it all onto one side of my head and realise it is no longer there! I am really happy with it though, it feels all light and made showering ten times faster!

Frustratingly, it is impossible to put a date and exact description on how/when/if it will go completely. I wonder every morning if it will be fallen out onto the pillow or whether I will look like a scraggly baby bird or a shiny egg head, but the hairdresser said it is still unusually strong for someone who has blonde hair and has had this many rounds of each chemo drug. Now I know not to get my hopes up, it will fall out eventually but the whole process is so unique to each individual and therefore it is mystifying! I will be sure to update you when it actually happens, and I promise not to put up too many photos if it looks scary!

I’ve been feeling quite tired the last couple of days which could be a combination of chemo effects, staying up too late or just everything catching up with me and the mean drug Vincristine is making the back of my mouth sore so I’ll sign off now and get some rest, but will post again soon!

Tata for now!

P.S. I haven’t been checking these posts meticulously or studying every grammar mistake so I am sorry if they are terribly written but I promise in the future I will spend more time on them and make it all perfect before posting.



Another fantastic blog update Becca!

I could not agree more about the benefits of being on a ward with people around your own age - I would have benifited enormously from this had it been available as an option when I was in hospital even if a lot of my time on the ward was spent in isolation during the neutropenic phase.

So much of what you write I can relate to, too, and I know exactly where you're coming from with the hair although I opted to get mine shaved off in the end to avoid waking up with clumps of it all over my pillow! The way you've responded to it all though is fantastic - such a positive attitude and a real inspiration to us all!

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