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What we do

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19 Feb 2010

We stop people dying from blood cancer

When our story began in 1960, a blood cancer diagnosis was virtually a death sentence. Now nine out of ten children survive the most common form of childhood leukaemia, and for adults the survival rate is as high as 70-80% for some forms of blood cancer. Successes like this haven’t been achieved with headline grabbing breakthroughs but with a relentless focus on understanding how blood cancer works.

We know that there is still work to be done, and we won’t stop until every single person survives.

We make patients’ lives better

We recognise that beating blood cancer must be about more than saving lives. We need to make sure that people can live their lives to the full, with no impact from their blood cancer.

Reducing the side effects of treatment is key to improving patients’ lives. Over the last 50 years, the duration of treatment has been reduced on average by 40% and the strength of treatment can now be adjusted according to the needs of each patient. Twenty years ago, most people with chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) would need a bone marrow transplant to survive; now they can live a completely normal life by taking a pill every day.

We’ve also launched an online community where patients can get all the support and information they need in one place and share their experiences with people who can relate to they are going through.

We stop people getting blood cancer in the first place

If there are ways to prevent blood cancer, we’ll find them. In 2013 we invested £10.5 million in research to reveal how blood cancer works – to understand the root genetic causes. This will help us work out how to prevent blood cancer developing.

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