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What's happening in September?

Leukaemia and L...
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11 Aug 2015

This September is blood cancer awareness month. We're using this time to introduce some big changes that address some of the issues highlighted by our Patient Need research.

It's an eventful and exciting time and we need your help to spread the word. 

We're launching our new name



As you may know, we’re launching our new name to the wider world on 1 September, to help us do more for patients.

The UK's biggest ever blood cancer awareness campaign

On 2 September, we're launching the UK's biggest ever blood cancer awareness campaign.

Last year, we launched our most comprehensive study ever into the needs of blood cancer patients. It revealed a crisis in awareness: people simply don’t know enough about blood cancer.

We need to tell people that there are 137 different types of blood cancer. That they have different names, different symptoms and different challenges. That while people might recognise two or three, many will probably be unfamiliar and some don’t even sound like cancers. We know that this makes blood cancer hard to understand and hard to talk about and can leave patients feeling isolated and unsupported.

We want to change that. Together with some of the UK’s top street artists, we’ve created a campaign that puts all 137 different blood cancers on the map for the first time. It lets people know that we’re here to beat every single one. It’ll be our first campaign as Bloodwise and the UK’s biggest blood cancer awareness campaign ever. You’ll be able to see our ‘137’ campaign on outdoor billboard sites throughout the UK from Monday 7 September, to coincide with blood cancer awareness month, and hopefully coverage in the national and regional press too.

On Wednesday 2 September, we'll be sharing our campaign message on social media, this is where you come in. We plan to get 250 of our supporters (staff, celebrities, patients, fundraisers) to share our message simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter, using a service called Thunderclap.

Thunderclap uses everyone’s social media accounts to broadcast a single, standalone campaign message. We can increase visibility and hype if everyone shares the same content from their own social media accounts at exactly the same time.

All you have to do is sign-up using your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr page and the tweet or post will be sent from your account automatically.

Join our Thunderclap > 

We'll be updating you on more ways to get involved in our campaign soon! Watch your inbox (sign up here if you aren’t subscribed already) and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the coming weeks to find out how.

We're launching our new website

On 2 September we’re launching our new website bloodwise.org.uk. Our slicker, faster, more beautiful site will make it easier for patients to find and share the information and support they need. It will empower and hopefully inspire you, our supporters, to get involved in whatever you like – showcasing all we do, the way we do it and the impact our work has in a simple and engaging way.

Our first events as Bloodwise

We need volunteers to get involved in our Small Change BIG Impact campaign. All through blood cancer awareness month we’re hosting bucket collections, coffee mornings and even zip slides all around the UK. If you can spare a few hours to help out with collections or if you'd like to organise your own fundraising event find your regional contact and get in touch.

There are a few other events in September where you might see Bloodwise out on the streets. On 4 September a group of families affected by blood cancer will be off to Disneyland Paris for a magical weekend and a much needed break. On 17 September 250 lucky riders will be taking off from Greenwich for the ride of their lives, the first day of London | Paris. And finally, we'll also be showing off our Bloodwise running tops at Run To the Beat and the Great North Run.

So if you see anyone out and about being Bloodwise in September, give them a wave!

Only three weeks to go... get involved!

Join our Thunderclap > 

Find a small Change BIG Impact event >



Very very exciting! Looking forward to September!

I shall send a note out to all the Winterton fundraising team to check out this post and get registered for the thunderclap! We'll help beat 250 making noise! Any other ways for us to get invovled with promoting please drop us an email on our new email address bloodwisewinterton@yahoo.co.uk

Emma W

Thanks Danny - it would be awesome to beat the 250 Thunderclap target... I'm sure with the help of you, the Winterton fundraising team and all our other brilliant supporters we'll do just that!  Emma


It's already looking like we are well on the way too which is exciting! I've also got our local MP on board (who I'm sure will support in other ways if there's anything else we can put his way) and we are working on a few other twitter accounts in our area with a large following so we'll see what we can do! 


People should be aware of this condition, so it's good that your making this big awareness!! Iknow a close friend who is fighting this very rare illness. She is stronger than she knows it! And very brave!! And got a lot of support, from friends and family. X

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