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Where did that new photo come from?

Bill F
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21 Jul 2014

Yes, I can hear you all asking the question 'where did your new photograph come from Billy on your Teamfleet profile page?'

Well the answer is that it was taken at the end of the Kimbolton Triathlon that I completed last Sunday.

To keep you up to date with my efforts, I thought I would let you know how I got on.

Well as I may have told you, I have roped a few friends into the Bikeathon, so really over the past four weeks since my last Tri I have done a bit of cycling with them, not a lot of running and absolutely NO swimming at all.

So I started the Kimbolton Tri with a less than positive attitude about my chances of beating my sprint Tri PB.

The night before I even went to a house party, but because of the athlete I now am, only allowed myself a couple of beers despite drawing disdain from friends and ridicule from most people present.

Anyway, an early morning start, a one hour drive and I arrived at Kimbolton school.  For anyone who has ever been in that part of Cambridgeshire you will know its a great place.  Weather was warm and relatively a light breeze meant conditions were great.

I racked my bike and set out my kit in transition. Agaiin missed the pre race briefing (must stop doing that), but got talking to some fellow Triathletes who were really friendly.  They filled me in on the dos and don'ts for the race and the one thing I realised was that all of a sudden I was meeting lots of people doing a Triathlon for the first time.  Here was me sharing some of my previous Tri experiences hoping that they would draw some knowledge and confidence.  It's exactly what happened to me before my first Tri speaking to other more experienced racers.

So to the Tri itself, I had a slow, laboured swim.  Exactly what I thought would happen with no swim training for four weeks.  Came out of the pool and again, as before, had a decent first transition onto the bike.  As I got onto the bike I realised that again I had failed to set my watch properly, so instead of split times I would just have to have an overall time, a running time which is okay but not what I wanted to enable me to control my effort.

As I got going I thought here we go, legs feel a bit tired from the long rides in the previous couple of weeks.  But relaxed and accepting defeat and the expected overall slow Tri time I thought I would just get my head down and use the ride as training towards the Bikeathon in a few weeks.  So after keeping up a decent pace including ascending a couple of decent hills I completed the bike course and glanced at my watch.  It looked quick !  But being in race mode, I just thought I needed to concentrate on getting my trainers on in the second Transition and getting out on the picturesque run in the grounds of the school.

So a decent Transition sent me out onto the run course.  Now the last bit of trauma for the day was approaching.  My previous two Tri's consisted of two lap runs.  As I started my second lap I thought one to go, lets make this one good.  So I picked up the tempo and kept it steady towards the finish line.  With around 100 yards to go a race Marshall shouted at me as I approached ' have you done your THREE laps?'  To which I replied something to the effect of ' good heavens, have I really got to do three laps?'  I then began the third lap and thought 'I must really go to the pre race briefings !'

However, I just dug in and tried to keep a decent pace going.

I finally crossed the finish line and I immediately got captured by the race organisers to have my photo taken.  This explains why I have a strange and bemused look on my face in the photo.

I then got confirmation of my race time of 1 hour 15 minutes.  This is a whole 12 minutes quicker than my previous PB.  Some of this is down to a marginally shorter bike ride (20k rather than 23k), but looking at my split times show that I biked considerably quicker than before and ran my 5k one minute quicker.

It looks like the biking with my mates is paying off.

So what next ?  Well more training, a holiday including more training and finally some extra bike training to prepare for the Bikeathon in 9 weeks and last Tri in 10 weeks time.

Happy days.



Great effort Billy!

Definitely sounds like the extra cycling has paid dividends judging on your split times! Here's hoping the training will help your friends get round the Bikeathon too!

Massive respect for everything you're doing for us - you'll be on to Ironman's soon, I've no doubt.

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