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Where have you been Fleety ?

Bill F
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31 Aug 2014

Ah yes, I haven't blogged for a while.

So to catch up on a few things........

Firstly our four amigos are raring to go for the 100 mile challenge and we have now been joined by a fifth comrade, Paul Finnigan, a dark horse of a cyclist from Northampton.  As a current member of a cycling club and having done these before, I expect the four of us will enjoy his company, his advice and because he's faster than us the sight of his backside as he leads from the front (hopefully he won't be that far ahead that we will be denied this chance)

Paul is doing it with us as preparation for his crack at the Deloitte Lands End to John O'Groats cycle challenge next year.  Good on you mate, very tempted to join you!!

Collectively we have all been upping our mileage and time on the bikes .  Only one of us has successfully used the challenge as an excuse to buy a new shiny carbon bike - well done Dave for pulling that one out of the bag.  The rest of us are still contemplating the idea or plainly failing at persuading our partners of the 'need' to trade up our machines to make the challenge easier.

Some of us have had to make do with just tinkering about with buying other 'essential' kit such new hats and gloves.

Personally, I have invested in a summer training camp to Majorca. 

Actually, it was a family holiday.  But I was lucky enough to hire a bike for a few days.  So I managed a few rides mixed in with some running mileage on the roads.

Riding in Majorca is what the pros do.  Having now done it I can see why.  Great location for cycling and I would definitely recommend it to you all if cycling is your bag.

I did three rides, all over 50 miles, posted some great times, did some great climbing.

It was hot, but no real wind and spectacular scenery.  I made only one small error in navigating a tricky route, missing a turn and riding five miles down a motorway !  Despite some of the locals complaining to me by beeping their horns in disgust, it actually proved quite fruitful as I just thought ' Got to get to the next junction quick' so I blasted that five miles a lot quicker than my normal five mile split times!

So with three weeks to go To the Bikeathon and four weeks to my last of four Triathlons I have got to balance upping the cycle mileage with carrying on my swimming and running.

Haven't done a training plan for this yet, must do it soon because time is cracking on.

I'll keep you posted.