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26 Mar 2010


We began in 1960 as a purely research-based charity. As our understanding of blood cancers has developed, we’ve broadened our patient impact strategy. All of our research investments have a clear line of sight to patient impact – this can be in the short to much longer term.

We’ve dramatically increased our investment in clinical trials over the last four years to give more patients, more equal access to more trials. We’ve recognised the value of our knowledge, experience and expertise in being an effective voice of influence for blood cancer patients through our policy and public affairs team. We offer patient services to help patients feel supported and empowered through their patient journey.

The money you raise can be invested in a research centre near you. We will update your company so everyone can see how their fundraising is making a difference, and arrange visits to meet the research teams. If you want to support a particular area of our work, or have any questions about our research, please get in touch with the team. You can find out more about our research here


  • This year, thanks to you, we’ve invested nearly £24 million in new research and trials.
  • This work has been across every disease type and across each type of research. We’ve also seen a move to even more collaboration between groups and we’re actively bringing together different disciplines – for example researchers, clinicians and bio-informaticians – to get people talking and working together.
  • We gave 59 grants in the last year
  • Our investment in smarter faster diagnosis was over £1 million this year, although our investments which look at how blood cancers work will also support progress in this area.
  • This year we’ve invested £10.5 million in revealing how blood cancer works. This has included investment in investigating the genetic drivers of blood cancers, so we can understand the root genetic cause. We’re looking at the evolution of cancer, and how it develops and changes from a pre-cancerous state, as well as the way cells respond to specific chemicals that cause them to divide.
  • We invested more than £10.1 million in new and better treatments over the last year.

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