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Where's Gilbert?! Royal London colleagues get creative for blood cancer

Rachel N
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26 Nov 2015

Royal London pelican photobombing competition

Since April this year, staff at Royal London have been busy raising money to fund our annual Disneyland Paris trip, and decided to get creative with their company mascot, Gilbert the purple pelican.

Staff across the country have been busy selling thousands of purple pelicans to their colleagues, friends and family, who have in turn been taking photos of Gilbert in some of the most unusual places. He's been to a casino, played cricket, sat alongside a new born baby and even taken part in a few of our own Bloodwise advetures - on the rollercoaster at Disneland and on the back of a bike from London to Paris!

Not only have these wonderful people deomstrated a huge amount of creativity, together they've now raised £56,000 towards Disneyland, giving families affected by blood cancer the chance to enjoy each other's company and take a much-needed break from the gruelling reality of living with a blood cancer.

A team of our patient supporters helped choose the winning photobombs across categories from the most orginial to the funniest. Here's a selection of our favourites which demomstrate just how creative those Royal London employees are!

Wish them luck as they give one last fundraising push in the final month of the partnership!


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