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Why 52 miles?

Paul W
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05 Jun 2014

The Bikeathon offers cyclists a choice of distances to complete in support of L&L research - 26, 52, and 100 miles and I chose the mid length 52 miles.

I cycle most days to work on a hybrid Trek 7.3. For those that don't know bikes, this is a workhorse, built for reliability over speed. It has served me well for over 18 months now. Most of my commutes are in the 6-12 mile range depending on how energetic I'm feeling and I cycle to and from work four days a week (jogging in on the fifth day).

I have done a couple of rides in the 20-25 mile range which I felt comfortable with so I thought I should push myself for this charity ride. I was tempted by the 100 mile ride but plumped for the 52 as this is my first attempt at any sort of distance. 

Maybe I'll do the 100 next year.




I think the 52 mile route this year sounds spot on. I faced a similar dilemma when signing up for the London Bikeathon but having looked at the hills involved in the 100 last year as a volunteer, I definitely think that 52 would be a step to far for me this year at least. Glad the training is going well. Have a good weekend and thanks so much for everything you're doing to help beat blood cancer - it's because of people like you that I'm still here today.

Incidentally, did you know that if you raise £100 you'll get a free LLR cycling jersey and will be helping pay for nurses for two patients entering one of the charity's clinical trials? Certainly got me motivated!


I am after one of those jerseys. I have £60 already so here's hoping.

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