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Why am I doing the London to Paris?

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06 Aug 2014

To mark the 10th anniversary of my mum's passing from acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, I wanted to do something big. As a born again cyclist London - Paris with a finish on the fabled Champs Elysee sounded like a big challenge.

Last year I completed my local fundraising sections Humber Bridge Bikeathon. This was a 40 mile ride around the Yorkshire Wolds. In doing this I raised £245. 

I was looking for a bigger challenge, and I was aware of the London to Paris ide and i thought why not give it a go.

Over the coming months I'll update you on the trials and tribulations of my training rides and my progress as a distance cyclist.

You'll notice I use the phrase born again cyclist in my introduction, back in the day when I were a lad, I was a member of City Road Club (Hull) and regularly entered time trials, road races and criteriums as both a school boy and a junior. However once I'd turned 18 beer and women caught my eye and cycling became a distant memory until Sir Wiggo and co started winning things and a company medical suggested I needed to do more cardiovascular exercise. So I bought a bike and started riding again. Since then I've enetered and finished quite a few sportives in the East Riding area. The longest and most recent being the WOLDS123. Which is my longest single days cycling to date. 123km. So having achieved 123km in a day the logical next step was obviously to eneter a ride that had 4 consecutive days at that distance!!!

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