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Why Craig and I are taking on Blenheim Triathlon

Julia And Craig G
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12 Feb 2014

There will be three brave women who we will be thinking about on the day.

My husband Craig and I first became fully aware of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and its important work a couple of years ago when the daughter of a close friend was very poorly with leukaemia. Sadly she lost her fight after a very long and incredibly bravely fought battle against the disease.

Then in early 2013 a good friend was diagnosed with lymphoma. She is my age with two young children and I am pleased to say, after six months of gruelling treatment, she is doing really well and her prognosis is good.

Then in September 2013 came the news that my Aunt had also been diagnosed with lymphoma. It was a very aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and she lost her fight against the disease on the 3rd October 2013. When Sheila was very ill and in hospital we wanted to be able to do more than in reality we could. When someone you love and care about is that sick you can feel pretty helpless, and so fundraising was a way of putting our energies into something positive. Sheila being in hospital is what prompted us to sign up for the Triathlon, but there is no doubt we will be holding all three of these brave women in mind on the day.

So why have we chosen a triathlon and in particular Blenheim?

A number of family and friends have raised an eyebrow at the prospect of Craig and I attempting a Triathlon. I'm not known for my athletic prowess, and whilst Craig is naturally more sporty than I, he too has done very little in recent years on the 'keep fit' front, bar walking the dog and running around after our toddler (an exhausting discipline in its own right, to be fair!). I think for me, my lack of 'sportiness' is partly what drew me to the Triathlon.

Spreading my training over three events provides a huge challenge, but also stops me getting bored in training and, truth be told, there is an element of hedging my bets. If I mess up the swim for example, I still have the chance to redeem myself in the cycle and the run!

We specifically chose Blenheim because we are lucky enough to live close by and it is a special place for us as a family. Having spent several New Year’s Days there walking our dog around the stunning grounds. I couldn't think of a more breathtakingly beautiful (and potentially intimidating!) venue for such an event.
The challenge ahead

With Christmas out of the way, the reality of having signed up for this event is really beginning to sink in. Occasionally when I think about it my stomach feels like it has a swarm of butterflies fluttering around.

Family and friends have been incredibly generous in their sponsorship and that in itself has spurred us on. We want to raise as much money as possible for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and their life-saving research. My Auntie's husband, my Uncle John is going to be at Blenheim on the day cheering us on, and if either of us feel like giving up at any point, we both know that his being there and waiting for us at the finish line will be enough to get us to the end.



We lost our daughter to non hodgkinson's lymphoma and her unborn baby. It was to be our first grandchild. My husband and myself are doing the coast to coast cycle ride in May 2014 covering 170 miles, we cycle but not that far. He will be 65 and me 64. I had a nasty fall off my bike 4 weeks ago and thinking about our challenge for our lovely daughter got me back in the saddle this week. Wishing you well with your challenge.


Wishing you both the very best for your challenge - and a big thank you for all your support of LLR. You go guys!!! :) xx

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