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Why I do what I do

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06 Jun 2014

Hi, I just wanted to share why I am here doing what I do.

3 years ago i was given the oppurtunity by Wickes and Leukemia & Lymphoma Research to participate in a fundraising event which consisted of cycling 500km from Tibet to Kathmandu via Everest Base Camp. At this point I was 27, could not even cycle 3 miles, I also weighed in at 18 stones so not your average cyclist's build.

This trip was a turning point in my life because I discovered an ordinary person can achieve great things if they just believe. Prior to this trip, I'd never imagine that I would be able to complete a challenge like this yet alone be given the oppurtunity to do it.

Since then, it has been my mission to not only to give something back to the charity by raising funds but to also inspire others to do something different from going that extra mile to achieve something they would never had thought was possible or simply to inspire them to visit the gym that day.

Soon after the the Everest Trip in Sep 2011, I became really bored with normality and had to invent new challenges to keep me entertained and as a result the following were born:

June 2012 - Newcastle to London Cycle via 42 Wickes Stores, 480 miles in 8 Days
Sep 2012 - London to Paris Cycle - 300 Miles in 4 Days
Sep 2012 - Ealing Half Marathon
June 2013 - Leeds to London Cycle 200 miles in 36 hours
June 2014 - Blackpool to Paris Cycle - 550 miles in 7 days (To do)
July 2014 - Coast to Coast Cycle - 160 miles in 2 days (To do)

I am now looking to try some open water swimming challenges along with attempting a triathlon later this year. Watch this space :)

Thanks Anil



Ellie Dawes

Brilliant Anil! Thanks for blogging, hope you enjoy using our website to fundraise! 

If you have any questions about taking on an open water swim, I'd recommend Andy Lambert's blog on here. Andy is a seasoned Triathlete who offers support to anyone raising money for us by taking on a triathlon. He also responds to any questions you have, just leave a comment on any of his posts.

We also have a great open water swimming guide which you might find useful to help plan your training:

Best of luck with your upcoming challenges, and thank you for everything that you do.


Good luck Anil!

Was great to meet you at Wickes's Charity Champions Day - what you've done to help beat blood cancer is INCREDIBLE and gives Wiggo a run for his money! Tour de France next year?

Seriously, what you're doing is fantastic and is making a real difference to the lives of blood cancer patients. It's thanks to people like you that I'm still here today. Keep up the good work!


Truly inspirational blog Anil... puts my 10k run to shame.

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