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Why tattoo? Why not?

Henrik Harr
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16 Feb 2017

Should I get a leukaemia tattoo or not?

So I’m thinking I should get a leukaemia tattoo on the inside of my lower right arm. I always said I would if I ever go from MBL to CLL. And last December (2016) that happened, so now I need to man up.

Or not. It’s not as if anybody would care if I chicken out. Which I still might. The question I need to answer first (I think) is the big WHY? I don’t have any tattoos from before, so why should I get one now, at the age of 51. I am not from the tattoo generation.

Is it to raise awareness? Then why am I half hiding it on the inside of my arm? A leukaemia tattoo on the side of my neck would surely raise more awareness, and I’m not prepared to put it there.

Still, I can’t come up with a better reason. It makes sense to want friends to ask about the tattoo so I can tell them about CLL and get them to donate money that can help find a cure. But I honestly don’t think they will. Which leads me back to the “Why?” question.

Or am I overthinking?



Yep overthinking it completely.  Why not get your friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor you having the tattoo!

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