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Why we're fundraising at Birmingham Bikeathon 2015

Ernie's Pe...
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22 Jun 2015

Our story

My Granddad (Ernie) was diagnosed on 20th March with B-cell lymphoma of the brain, he’s 86. Unfortunately Granddad’s lymphoma is not treatable and he has been given 6-12 months following some radiotherapy treatment.

He’s a really traditional (originally from Yorkshire) man who loves nothing more than spending time with the family and supporting Birmingham City football club! He’s a very special man to all of our family, and his fight has inspired us to try and help raise funds for this dreadful disease to prevent this happening to anyone else.

Our team

Someone at work originally advertised Birmingham Bikeathon and I broached the subject with my family who all couldn’t wait to get involved to help blood cancer patients in some way.

Our team (Ernie’s Peddlers) is made up of 17 members and consists of Granddad’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The oldest members of our team are 78 and 76, they are Granddad’s brother in law and sister in law. The youngest in our team are the great grandchildren who are 12 and 13.

Two of our team are also having treatment for cancer at this time, so it is particularly important for us to raise awareness not only of blood cancer but other cancers too.  

Our fundraising

Raising funds is so important in order to raise awareness of these terrible diseases (we didn’t know what lymphoma was before March!). It will help support families like ours going through this. If there is more research done, more treatments will be found and a better chance of people being able to say “I’ve beaten cancer!”

In order to raise funds we have been sharing the fundraising page link at work, to friends and family on Facebook and on other social media sites and have been taking advantage of work schemes that offer matching contributions to what we raise – so we are expecting a lot more funds!

We find that people who know our story about granddad and by adding that personal touch – plus the fact that we are taking part as a family – makes people want to support us more.

We’d like to thank Ernie’s Peddlers and all our Bikeathon fundraisers for their amazing efforts! There’s still time to sign up for Birmingham Bikeathon on Sunday 5 July, or London Bikeathon on Sunday 16 August.

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