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Iain, Jackie, M...
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12 Feb 2015

After all the amazing support from friends, family and complete strangers last year, we hope to raise more funds and awareness for LLR - that's why we're tackling London to Paris once more in 2015.

"Never again", is a common cry heard issuing from the lips of those who've endured a heavy night on the tiles, or a strenuous exploit, such as cycling 500km from London to Paris. The prevailing sentiment however amongst many of LLR's, L2P riders is, "Bring it on".

No surprise then, that Iain and Jacqueline are back for another Parisien spin of the pedals. Together with Molly, Patrick and Maureen - just call us the 'Gurning Grimpeurs' - we'll be straining every sinew to fundraise between now and September.

It's just over a year since Molly and Patrick's dad, Maureen's husband and Iain & Jackie’s brother-in-law, Mike, passed away after living with acute myleloid leukaemia (AML)  for 11 months. We were inspired to take on the daunting 2014 London to Paris challenge during a chat with Mike, in his hospital room, the day he'd received his bone marrow transplant. Let's hope we can do Mike's memory and LLR proud again this time round. 



Gurning grimpeurs I salute you for taking on London to Paris for another year!

I hope the training is going well and as a former patient would like to thank you for everything that you're doing to help us beat blood cancer. Mike, I'm sure, would be extremely proud - we certainly are!!

Together we will beat blood cancer!


Thank you Andy. It's great to get your comment. L2P again is no hardship - the LLR team make it very easy. the biggest challenge is raising as much money as possible.

Regards - Iain and the other 'gurners'


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