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Wickes fundraisers lead the way at charity champions day

Andy Jackson
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05 Jun 2014

Earlier this week I was invited to speak to the Wickes fundraisers at their Charity Champions Day in Watford to talk about my experiences with blood cancer.

It was an honour to be invited to speak on behalf of the charity and a real privilege to meet some of the individuals who have been at the forefront of Wickes phenomenal fundraising effort over the past eight years which have helped make a difference to the lives of blood cancer patients including me.

Listening to stories of some of their incredible fundraising feats from treks and cycle rides over crazy distances to last year's epic store-wide Rowathon made me realise just how lucky we are to have them as charity partners.

It was hard too not to to be inspired by the relentless enthusiasm of their new charity committee chairman, Colin Contini. This enthusiasm clearly rubbed off as the passion and energy of each end every person in the room was palpable and was reflected in the sheer number of fundraising ideas that ended up being generated.

They're determined to help us beat blood cancer and I cannot wait to see them start putting some more of their ideas into action. One idea that has already come to fruition is 'Challenge Col' which will see Colin take on a challenge as suggested by friends, colleagues and supporters.

For a small donation of just £2, you, too, can challenge Colin and help us beat blood cancer at the same time. 

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