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Windsor Ride

Gareth H
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18 May 2014

First Longer Ride

Route: Surbiton To Windsor
Distance: 42.8 miles
Time: 2:25
Avg Speed: 17.7mph
Max Speed: 26.8mph
Weather: Glorious Sunshine
Notable Hills: None
Bike: Ribble
Ride Drinks: Water
Stops: Windsor 5 mins for some biscuits
Pre Ride Food: Toast, nutella, banana, espresso
Post Ride Food: Fishfinger Sarnies
“Recovery” Drink: Fosters Radler

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First longer ride of 40+ miles on a really nice sunny day. It was a flat ride so suited my legs and riding style, dragging my 17 stone carcuss uphill certain slows me down but on the the flat it great. My average out to Windsor was 18.5mph so I really slowed up on the back as the average dropped to 17.7mph. Apart from more training, I'm gonna have to fuel bmyslef better on the ride, so energy gels, energy drinks, and electrolite tablets to keep me moving, The other issue is I'm getting a lot of lower back pain as I'm just not used to being in the saddle for more than 30 mins these days, more training, better warm ups and dare I save it some core work at the gym. 

Lots of cyclists out riding as it was such a  nice day. I also came accross a 10km race near Laleham and some of those runners looked in real pain, I was so glad to be on my bike. There was also some horsey event near Windsor so more Chelsea Tractors than the Kings Road, along with the usual smattering of men in  rust trousres and panama has.





Good work Gareth - especially cycling in the heat!!!

Sounds like you're bang on track with the training though don't cycle too hard with that back!

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