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Winter 2007!

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04 Jun 2015

So after the wedding life went back to normal – we continued to plan out wedding and do up our little terrace house in Barnard Castle – a small town – 3 miles from where we had both grown up. St.John is an engineer in Middlesbrough and works long hours – so when he started to get tired we put it down to work load – long drives to work and dark mornings and night – you would right? Even when he THE most ANNOYING cough EVER!! We still didn’t twig – it was a cold right? It was winter. This cough.. I can’t stress to you how annoying it was – he coughed all the time – downed medicine like he was necking a pint, yet his cough still didn’t shift. He went to Prague with lads and drank neat vodka to try and get rid of it– to no avail obviously!!
Occasionally his cough would disappear for a week but then would come back – it was the night that was the worst as he used to keep me awake – I know how dare he!
St.John was due to turn 35 in the January of 2008 – so bring the good wife to be – I booked a table at, what was Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, in Claridges London – on the condition he went to the doctors to get his bloody cough looked at before I killed him!
So a few days before we ventured down south to be all posh he finally went to the doctors (bloody men – honestly what is it with no going to the Doctors?!) anyway they couldn’t find anything wrong with him but he were a little concerned  he had had a cough for so long (now 3/4months!!) and shipped him off to the hospital for a scan – which he had then off on our jollys we went…..

St.John me at a ball in Dec 2007 - looking back - he looks ill - he had lost so much weight but we didnt notice!



Hi Vicky,

When it's so gradual and you see someone every day you don't really notice weight loss. Well done on getting St. John to go to the doctors. Us men can be notoriously stubborn when it comes to doing that! It's reassuring to hear that the doctor sent him off for a scan straight away. This is not always the case for patients who sometimes can have multiple visits to the doctor before things are escalated.