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Winter Training

Kevin Hill
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01 Feb 2015

The January weather has been awful, a couple of time it's looked nice and sunny but put your nose out of the door and it's freezing so all my riding has been on the turbo trainer.

So far I've managed "400 miles" riding mostly alternate days but with some back to backs at the weekend. Whilst I know this is nothing like riding on the road I do see my fitness improving and I can't wait to get back on some of my routes I started last year to see how they feel now. My form is alo improving with less rocking and rolling and a smoother pedalling action, though it does deteriorate toward the end if I don't concentrate. Ive also used the time to perfect my position on the bike, taking bits and pieces of advice form the net and trying them out. I think I'm almost there but like a golfer I'm sure it's a work in progress not the complete article.

So January is over and what have I learnt?

Well it appears comfort is a relative word in cycling, you don't get comfortable just less uncomfortable.

After my last post I took advice from Andy and ordered some bib shorts from the LLR shop, they were half price as well so a result there and they certainly reduced the discomfort.

I then spoke to a bloke at my local bike shop who gave me some good advice and then reccomended a £100 saddle complete with titanium rails and some special material for the saddle. Given this would be saddle number five I was a little sceptical so opted for the cheaper steel railed synthetic cover version for £25. Again this reduced the discomfort.

Then as I have been doing lots of reading about the science of riding I tried lowering the handlebars and boy did this help.

So the moral of the story is if you want a more comfortable seat adjust your handlebars!

What else have I learnt

Well after reading the "Own the Road" pack and in particular the section on hydration and nutrition I swapped squash for electrolyte tablets in my bottle. I've tried the gels on a couple of the longer rides on the trainer and they seemed to help. So onto recovery drinks, reading some reviews on the web I was drawn to one where the reviewer had compared the contents of the drink with a chocolate milk shake and other than some differnce in the sugar content they were identical. A quick look round the web showed there was actually a lot of debate on the subject and no definitive answer. So with half a litre of chocolate milk shake costing less than 50p and a recovery drinkl £1.50 I now finish my sessions with a milkshake and tell my wife it's all down to science, another result.

Hopefully February will improve weatherwise and I can get out on the road and try and put what I've learnt into practice as the back of my garage door is far from interesting and I'm starting to see faces in the stains on the floor.



Hi Kevin,

Really glad that the shorts and jersey have not only made you look the part but have also helped with the discomfort - that's great news. It sounds like things are beginning to take shape nicely and your enthusiasm to get back out on the road is clear from your blog.

I know that the charity will be sending you loads more tips in the weeks and months ahead so they should help too. In the meantime, keep up the good work and all the best when you get back out on the roads although wrap up warm and be careful of the ice!

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