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WORST...RIDE....EVER: Harrow to Tring

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14 Jul 2015

With the week coming to a close and the weather being so great, the weekend was looking so appetising!

Starting the weekend of with sitting in the sun, in front of a big screen in Regent's Place, sipping G&Ts while watching the Men's Semi Finals..... could life get any better!?

We loaded ourselves up with picnic goodies as we gear ourselves up for the 48 mile round trip from Harrow to Tring the next day.

However, after waaaaay too many bottles of wine.... Saturday morning was so sunny and hot, we decided to chill out during the day, paint the fence, have a bbq then save ourselves for the Silent Disco at the Shard which we had tickets for on Saturday night, and ride on Sunday instead (we convinced ourselves that it would be cooler to ride in too).....

After dancing up the Shard til wee hours of the morning, we got up early on Sunday morning, packed some light snacks to keep us on our way and headed off towards Tring.

The first 10miles were so lovely, going through mansion streets on the way to Watford.  The GPS took us through some really nice woodlands before taking us on the canal path that goes right to Tring.

The ride was supposed to take 2 hours there, 2 hours back. so we'd be back in time for our 3pm lunch plans with friends later on (guilt free!).

We were making good time in the first leg and feeling really motivated that we were going to beat our times.

Riding past Hemel Hempstead and with Tring in sight on the GPS, Karl got a puncture.... (we have ridden in Tring before and also got a puncture last time.... but this time we had a repair kit!)

Being the first puncture of this whole training ride.... it took us a while to fix the puncture.... but then the pump wasn't working properly to fill the tires up.... so after an hour... we admitted defeat and 'walked' to the closest Halfords which was luckily a few miles away!

With a care pack with Halfords, we got the tube replaced and off we went back onto the way to Tring... it was 45 mins ride away... and it was so close... we just wanted to GET THERE!!!

The roads were a bit busy and sketchy so we decided to go back along the canals.....  cycling past loads of people fishing, girl guides camping... (admittedly I had a stand off with one as she wouldn't move off the track...!)

Half an hour into the ride, with Tring almost in sight..... it was my turn to blow a tire..... could NOT believe it.....

This time, we were able to fix it and pump the tires back up ... but our spirits were just depleted..... a 2 hour one way ride... had taken us 5 hours....

Admitting defeat.... (and feeling soooo grateful that there's a train from Tring that takes us back to Harrow)..... we realised we had passed Tring Station by 1 1/2 miles so we had to back track..... and it started POURING!!

We got to the station and went to purchase our tickets home (another shock..... it costed us £10.80 EACH!).... and by the time we bought our ticket, the train had left.... leaving us another 45 mins for the next train....

By this time, we were just over it and laughing at the whole situation..... we had also waaay missed our lunch plans....

After getting home..... we were craving showers and some proper food...... and determined to tackle that 48 mile ride again..... maybe just on the roads this time.... or getting some tougher tires....

Keep tuned!!!   Thanks for all that have sponsored so far!!!!


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