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Write a blog and help us expand our patient community

Andy Jackson
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02 Dec 2013

Share your blood cancer experiences to help us raise awareness, support other patients and build our blood cancer community.

Two of our key objectives are to raise awareness and support other patients affected by blood cancer. One of the ways that you can help us do this is by writing a blog about your own blood cancer experiences which is useful on so many levels.

First and foremost it provides others affected by blood cancer with the opportunity to read about others experiences - a resource that is useful to all patients no matter what point of the journey they're on.

Patient blogs are also brilliant at raising awareness about blood cancer and the issues that affect blood cancer patients and are always brilliantly received on the Bloodwise Facebook page, creating conversations and encouraging others to get in touch and share their own experiences.

Last and by no means least they can be really beneficial to you as they give you an opportunity to make sense of your experiences and feelings whilst also helping inspire and support others at the same time. In case you were in any doubt how much of a difference your blog can make, Sylvia Priest's comment about her most recent blog about her husband, Tony, sums it up perfectly:

Getting started

A number of you have already written blogs which is fantastic and we'd welcome any further blogs that you'd like to write about aspects of blood cancer.

However if you've yet to write a blog and would like to share your experiences then we'd love to hear from you. Here's how you get started:

1. Register for a blogging account. You can sign up here:

2. Sign-in to your profile

3. Select 'Write a blog post' from the 'I want to tool bar' and get writing your blog

4. Hit the save button to publish your blog post

Blogging tips and support

What you write and how much you write in your blog post is completely up to you! However if you focus your first blog post around being a summary of experiences to date then you can't go far wrong. Here's a link to my first blog post which should be a good starting point:

There's also some really useful information on the USB stick that you received as part of your Ambassador welcome packs about blogging which you might find useful. However if you have any further questions or need any help getting started please don't hesitate in emailing me at

N.B. If you're not able to register using your email address it may well be because you already have an account with us. If that's the case and you can't log-in/remember your password do get in touch as I'll be able to re-set it for you so you can log in to your account and get started. 

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