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Year 16 - Here we go again!!!

Brian and Izzy
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20 Apr 2015

How quickly the year has gone - time to get ready for the 16th London Bikeathon. I will not repeat why I am doing this (you can read this all in my Our Journey) nor will I repeat the build up to the ride and the ride itself (all of which you can find on my other blogs). But I will say a big thank you to all of our supporters that meant we raised just over £2,000 including Gift aid. Isabel will be in California (Camp America) so it will be just Matt, Vikki and me riding. Training became very serious this year as I was invited to be part of LLR team taking part in The Canary Wharf Corporate Grand Prix.

Kept explaining that I perhaps was not the ideal choice but it fell on deaf ears. I had watched a couple of the Pro-Am races I knew that there were some very serious, young and fit teams. The month May and the 1st week of June saw me covering 232 (a combination of indoor and road) miles.

Meeting my fellow team members did nothing to make me feel better. All a lot younger, fitter and great looking bikes.

In the event I was 4th in our relay team and when I took over we were last. I added more distance to the gap but didn’t loose and places!! The route is only around 0.8 miles but doing it flat out trying to keep over 20 mph (max was 29) was tough. The most embarrassing part was the 40 metre run from the disembark to hand over – legs like jelly!!!

Croydon Advertiser wrote a short piece so a bit of publicity for the charity.

Still a fantastic experience made better by having the honour of ringing the for the last lap.

You can see me making my pre-race excusses to ITV 4 here.

Please visit my 2015 fund raising page and support this year's ride.

Our Journey explains why supporting this great charity if so important to our family.


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