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Yee-Haaa! I Did It!!

Lyndley  J
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21 Sep 2014

Today I, along with 100s of others, completed a cycle ride of 52.7miles (or 84km) for the charity that, with more essential funding, is aiming to beat blood cancers.

At 9:10am I and a wave of twenty riders passed under the start line inflateable banner at the beginning of Birmingham Bikeathon 2014. Under the watchful gaze of my wife and other well wishers and with a shout up of "We're off.......Hang on a minute will you. I can't get my left cleat in its pedal!!" I was moving slowly along a traffic free Broad Street with a cavalcade of cyclists heading out towards Harbourne and the South Birmingham suburbs. Having set myself a personal goal of completing the 52.7mile course in 4hrs:30minutes, 4hrs:10minutes later (and you can only imagine how considerably fatigued) I returned under the finish line banner in Centenary Square to crowds of people applauding while waiting for their friends and loved ones to return safely, I had successfully complete the course. 

A great, well-organised event that will stay in my memory for a long time to come. Thank you to all those kind and considerate people who wished me well and who sponsored me and the charitable cause so generously. You kept me motivated, focused and got me through the pain barriers on more than one occasion during the final 16miles of the route.

Thank you so much to Penny for all that you did in helping prepare me for this ride and for laying on a personal favourite chicken dinner celebratory feast for my return home. 



HI Lyndley,

FIrst things first congratulations on getting round and smashing your target time!

It's great to hear that you had such a positive experience and we cannot thank you enough for taking part in what was a truly special day for the charity.

We've been amazed by the feedback and had some fantastic photos sent through by riders which we've put together into a rider gallery on Facebook:

Feel free to add any photos that you might have from the day.

Thanks again for taking part. What's next on your fundraising adventures? Does the Welsh Velothon appeal at all?