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Is your Dad better than my Dad? #Dadstories

Andy Jackson
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12 Jun 2013

It’s Fathers’ Day on Sunday and to celebrate dads everywhere we want to hear your stories about why your dad is so great! Tell us about him here so we can include him in our special Fathers’ Day gallery.

On Fathers’ Day itself, one lucky dad from the gallery will be chosen at random and will win a copy of The Joy of Sheds from our online shop, a fun book that explores every dad’s need for a small space to call his own.

My dad, Alan, certainly enjoys his own space. In fact, he is never happier than when he is roaming around in his loft tinkering with his train layouts or reliving his youth listening to some of his old vinyl records.

But that doesn’t begin to explain why I think my dad is great. In short, he has been the one constant in my life since the day I was born, leading by example and behind me every step of the way.

Growing up he always showed an interest in what my sister and I did, no matter how ridiculous and/or dull it was for him. Looking back, he must have spent countless hours watching the likes of Thomas the Tank, the Turtles and the like and never once complained. He actively encouraged us to follow our dreams and worked incredibly hard to ensure that we had every opportunity to do just that.

In 2003, when disaster struck our family when my Mum and I were both diagnosed with cancer in the space of three months, he became the rock that kept the family together. Somehow he managed to hold down a job, support my sister through her A levels and visit Mum and I in hospital and come to terms with the death of my Grandma, his Mum, without demonstrating even a hint of strain even though he must have been going through so much inside.

But that’s the kind of guy my dad is. He always puts others first and that won’t change until the day he dies. Ironically, Dad hates the concept of Fathers’ Day as he thinks it’s ‘American’ and artificial but I think he deserves his time in the limelight even if, like most dads, it is only one day a year!

Is your dad a hero too? Please tell us about him.



Enjoyed reading this Andy, pretty admirable. He must have had a big impact on you because you show the same enthusiasm for other people yourself.

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