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Your questions for Dr Frances Goodhart

Kate A Keightley
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08 May 2017

Dr Frances Goodhart is coming in for a Facebook Live session - what would you like to ask?

Frances Goodhart will be coming into Bloodwise HQ on Thursday 11th May at 12pm for a Facebook Live session, looking at common issues around emotional and psychological wellbeing whilst living with or beyond blood cancer. 

Frances is a consultant clinical psychologist who has worked in many settings across the NHS for over twenty-five years. She has provided psychological therapy and support to adults, children, families, couples, groups and health care professionals. She has developed a particular specialism in the field of clinical health psychology.

Over the course of her career to date Frances has worked in the NHS as a Macmillan consultant clinical psychologist in cancer and palliative care, and currently works in the West London Maggie’s Cancer Support Centre. Other services that she has worked in include cystic fibrosis, respiratory and cardiology services, chronic pain management, chronic fatigue and paediatric intensive care.

Frances uses a wide range of practical, constructive, evidence based therapeutic skills. She draws upon the cognitive-behaviour therapy model (CBT) as her main therapeutic framework.

If you have a question for Frances, do send them to support@bloodwise.org.uk and we’ll get through as many as we can. Alternatively you can leave your questions in the comment box below:

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