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Aileen Lamb
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Aileen Lamb
27 Feb 2016

The time running up to and during my stem cell transplant

So it has happened. They are in. I’m now wearing my new stem cells with pride. 

When we got married in 2007, our wonderful best man Ian Robb devised a very ahead of its time movie about Steve and I. The sound track was “Holding Out for a Hero” as that was exactly what Ian knew I was getting with Steve. And what a hero he has been in every way. Ian – I’m glad I passed your test and was permitted to claim your best pal.

Well, I’m now the luckiest girl in the world as I have not just one, but two heroes. My 18 year old donor will forever be my ‘other’ hero and I hope that one day I shall have the opportunity to say thank you in person.

To be honest, thank you hardly cuts it, but as an opening line I hope that it will work? I’m in awe that someone so young would make such a seriously selfless act. Makes me think about my 18 year old self and what I might have done differently.

I’ve now been an inmate at the wonderful Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre for 10 days and in SCT (stem cell transplant) ‘speak’ I’m at Day +3. The chemo pre-transplant itself was smooth enough and other than feeling like I could sleep for Scotland at times and then sleep some more, that bit went OK.  Days +1 and +2 however have been pretty rough.

I’ve now experienced the awful nausea and sickness which I’d miraculously avoided throughout my entire treatment. Things were going a wee bit haywire at the other end too. Drugs for both have been liberally applied but currently I’d say a runny tummy wins hands down over the sickness. (At least you can read a book whilst stuck on the loo!!!)

The general view is that the new cells should be grafting onto me somewhere between day +10 and 18.  Whilst this is going on my blood counts have plummeted and the famous neutropenia has moved in. I know that this is only a temporary measure as once these new guys start working I will see my platelets and blood counts rising again. I’ll be prone to infection – hence my isolation cell – and will no doubt be calling on the services of the Scottish Blood donor bank again – thanks in advance!

This has been a ‘wild road’ (a wee colloquialism my Argyll friends will understand) and I’m expecting a bit more excitement before it becomes a scenic Sunday drive. But those who know me can testify that I am a bit of a lady racer and will eat challenges for breakfast.

I’m ready for this.



Well done, lass, hang on in there! My daughter in law is now +99! It has been hard at times but she is getting there - she is even getting hair again! It will be worth it in the end xxx 

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