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Zeroing In...

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17 Apr 2014

Less than a week until the off!

So here we are, the Friday before the Wednesday we leave. 


We're running around sorting out last minute madness; fixing wonderful people to carry a bag to Amsterdam for us, wonderful people to drive a car full of bananas through Britain for us, and trying desperately to thank each and every wonderful person who has donated to us.

We're teetering around the £750 mark which is frankly astonishing. All of you are brilliant. Just brilliant.

We're setting off from central London at 9am (a little early for us theatre types!) with an aim to get to Harwich in a gentle time, probably being awfully early for our 11pm ferry to Holland. It could end up with us finding we have hours to kill in a British port, or it could mean we'll be charging down the Ferry Port ramps like Steve McQueen trying to get into Switzerland. Either way, it'll be a giggle!

The crossing takes 8 hours! I was awfully surprised, assuming that Holland is as close as Calais, or the Isle of Wight. It's not. It's blooming eight hours away! We've got cabins to sleep in (suspect sleep will come easily that night) and then we'll be in Holland, seven English men with no Dutch to speak of, wondering how to find a nice greasy spoon in a foreign country. And then there's sixty miles of cycling to do. But Holland is flat, right? 

Obviously once we arrive at our luxury cabins in Amsterdam, the excitement of the charity cycle ride evaporates, and we're left with blisters, bruises, and a stag do to enjoy! 

The way home I'll record once we've done it. It'll be a blog post mostly about trains. And possibly hangovers. I'll type it up mostly for posterity, but also because one day, someone might try to organise something as ridiculous as I have, and I'd love that person to have my experiences to help them! 

Anyhow, thanks for reading. I'll be back with more information just as soon as I can. But for now - you see that big DONATE button on the main fundraising page? You should click that.... 

JW x

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