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Zip Slide Across The Clyde 2015

Emma Boffey
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13 Aug 2015

Saturday 12 September sees the return of our Zip Slide Across the Clyde event. Read Alyson's story to hear why she took on this thrilling challenge and why you should too.


My Story by Alyson Lamond

"Honesty it was on my list of 30 things to do in my 30's! I wanted to take on this event for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Resarch as my mum was dignosed with low grade lymphoma last May, so I got to do something I've always wanted to try and raise funds for a cause so close to my heart. Having the personal connection certainly helped with the fundraising and I raised a total of £1240! 

My mum is my inspiration. I have been performing as a dancer with amateur theatre companies since 2010 and another one of my '30 things to do' was audition for a part. Mum's chemo started 4 days before my audition and I nearly didn't go, but if she could go through that I could certainly go into a room and make a fool of myself for 3 minutes! I did audition and I got the (lead) role of Peggy Sawyer in 42nd Street! The show was in November and by that point mum had been given the all clear. I hadn't told anyone in the show (apart from a few close friends), but the night mum was coming I posed a rather sentimental Facebook status advising that they had better not succumb to the usual mid-week slump, as that evening was going to be perfect and it was!

Anyway my point, I did what I could for my wee mum, painted a smile on, laughed through the fear and gave her something to be proud of. Her cancer will come back, it's the nature of it, maybe next year or maybe in 20. Or maybe me sliding across the Clyde last year, dressed as a unicorn can raise the money needed to find a way to stop it. Maybe someone else can keep their wee mum for a bit longer, or maybe someone can take part this year, join in and wear a silly onesie!

I want to let the world know how grateful I am that I get to keep my mum. I want to thank every person that made that happen, which is kind of unlikely, so I did this.

Thank you, Aly"


A HUGE thank you to Aly for sharing her story and for braving the heights across the Clyde! If you want to enter this great event and soar across the river Clyde to raise funds to beat blood cancer, please click here.  You can also wear your own silly onesie like Aly if you want! 

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