From 1960 to now: our story

06 Jan 2015

Susan Eastwood an her fatherThat family was the Eastwoods, who sadly lost their 6 year old daughter Susan to leukaemia. They believed there could and should be hope for people with blood cancer. 

When they founded our first voluntary branch back in 1960 as the Leukaemia Research Fund, fundraising for blood cancer research was a real step into the unknown.

But the tireless dedication of our supporters meant that new branches quickly formed all around the country, and from there we grew and grew to become a national organisation with over 150 local fundraising groups and six offices across the UK.

With over half a billion pounds raised and invested in research since we began, we’ve made some incredible advances. We’re proving the Eastwoods right. More and more people are surviving for longer and we can start to talk seriously about living well with blood cancer.

That means we need to carry on doing the world-leading research that brings the big results, but we need to do a lot more too. To be a hand for patients to hold, a shoulder to lean on and a voice for the millions of people affected by blood cancer.

And while research remains at the heart of our work, our new name – Bloodwise – embraces all blood cancer patients, unites everything we do, and we believe it truly reflects who we are today.

We’re a diverse and passionate community of staff, patients, researchers, fundraisers, supporters, families, doctors, nurses, families and friends.

And the dreams we hear now from our Bloodwise community are the same as the ones we were founded on. Dreams about no other family losing someone to blood cancer, about wanting everyone to be able to do the things they love, about making a world where a blood cancer diagnosis isn’t a big deal.

We won’t stop until we make this happen for every person, for every single family.

Be a part of our story. Be Bloodwise.