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Stuart’s 10for10 to help beat blood cancer

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29 Aug 2018
Bloodwise supporter Stuart Turnham and family members pictured on a beach

Stuart Turnham was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia at the age of 31. A year after going into remission, he has started 10for10, a series of adrenalin or endurance challenges to raise £10,000 for people affected by blood cancer.

So far, Stuart has strapped himself to the wings of a plane, skydived from 15,000ft, ran a 117-mile ultra marathon and swam 16k around the Isles of Scilly. From those four challenges, he’s has already raised 60% of his £10k target. All funds will be shared between Bloodwise and Exeter Leukaemia Fund.

​We caught up with Stuart to see how his 10for10 challenge is going so far.

What made you decide to take on 10for10?

“Blood cancer can be a devastating disease for patients, their family and friends, but with its diagnosis, life doesn’t have to stop! My future, although uncertain, remains positive and with 10for10 I want to inspire all those affected by cancer to #NeverQuit.”

How have the challenges been so far?

“As clichéd as it sounds, having cancer taught me that as an adult we should not lose sight of who and what we wanted to become as a child. 10for10 has allowed me to become the adventurer I’ve always wanted to be! And although it’s pushed me to both my mental and physical limit – like grave times during chemo – with family and friends by your side and a #NeverQuit attitude, I’ve found anything is possible!

“Wing walking enabled me to fly like a bird, skydiving offered an adrenaline rush like no other, crossing the finishing line in my ultra-marathon proved the power of our mind over our body and swimming around the Isles of Scilly made me believe that, no matter how rough the seas, you can and will endure.”

Video: Stuart celebrates with his family after completing his swim around the Isles of Scilly

What are you looking forward to about the upcoming challenges?

“Kicking blood cancer’s arse, of course! But also, the challenge of uncertainty and the thought that 10for10 may help inspire those affected by cancer to #NeverQuit. Run, walk or crawl, I will finish these challenges and I know that the physical and psychological battles that I’ll encounter along the way will never be as great as the burden those affected by blood cancer must face every day.”

Stuart still has another £4,000 to raise and his more gruelling endurance challenges are yet to come, culminating in a Guinness World Record attempt. His upcoming challenges are:

  • 104-mile Scotland Coast to Coast (run, kayak, bike)
  • Exmouth Ex-Terminator 100-mile hill climb (cycle)
  • Three Peaks Challenge
  • The Jurassic Quarter 46 mile ultra marathon
  • English Channel Swim
  • Great Britain Triathlon (world record attempt)

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