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Why we chose Bloodwise wedding favours for our special day

The Bloodwise logo. Bloodwise appears in black text against a white background
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05 Feb 2018

Our supporter Elfie Astbury explains why she and her husband Adam decided to use Bloodwise wedding favours on their big day

A Bloodwise heart-shaped pin badge pictured on a gold table at a wedding. Bloodwise has a range of wedding favours with all profits going towards blood cancer research

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we put together a list of things we needed to organise before the big day. The list seemed to be never-ending: wedding rings, my dress, suits, a venue, a photographer and a cake, among so many other things. Our wedding favours were one of the first things we agreed on. We both knew that we wanted to donate to a charity in lieu of the traditional wedding favours, and although we both share quite traditional values, we wanted to thank our guests in a personal way. We wanted to give something memorable to our guests as a thank you for celebrating with us, rather than just another box of chocolates or bag of sweets.

Bloodwise was an obvious choice for us. I work as a nurse on a busy haematology unit at Leeds Institute of Oncology. We treat people from all over Yorkshire with life-threatening cancerous and non-cancerous haematological diseases. We are with them through their journey from their initial diagnosis in the clinic. We provide a shoulder to cry on, offer a reassuring hug and a listening ear. We’re with them when they receive their first chemotherapy infusion, and afterwards when they need blood transfusions to help keep their disease under control.

A Bloodwise heart-shaped pin badge worn by a man at a wedding. Bloodwise offers a range of wedding favours and all profits go towards beating blood cancer

Through the support of Bloodwise, we can back up our conversations with useful information and support that they can read at home, in their own time and their own environment – away from the hustle and bustle of the department. Alongside this, my husband lost his auntie to leukaemia some years ago. Of course, this was a tragic loss to the family. However, donating to a charity that supports others going through treatment like Irene did somewhat provides comfort in knowing that you are helping and contributing to a great cause.

My husband and I have both seen the devastating effects that haematological cancers and diseases can have on the person diagnosed and their family. But I have seen (and have been a part of) the amazing, miraculous positive side too. I cannot describe a more euphoric feeling than hearing that a patient who you’ve been treating for a long time is now in complete remission!

Adam and Elfie photographed on their wedding day. The couple chose to use Bloodwise wedding favours to help beat blood cancer

By donating to Bloodwise on our wedding day, we both felt like we were giving something back to help those who are going through a challenging journey that they did not choose, and our guests really appreciated it. Our nearest and dearest understood why we had chosen Bloodwise as our chosen charity, and they wore their poignant pin badges with pride. I would encourage any couple to consider donating to a worthy charity instead of the traditional wedding favours, taking into consideration one that is particularly close to your hearts. 

With love,

Elfie and Adam Astbury.

Bloodwise heart pin badge wedding favours are still available. 100% of profits from the shop go towards beating blood cancer.