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Your Impact: Jayne Chappels

Suzanne Beattie
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Suzanne Beattie
28 Apr 2014

Jayne Chappels on Ipswich Hospital, working with haematology patients and their families, and working with Bloodwise to improve patient care and support.

Please introduce yourself – what’s your role?

My name is Jayne Chappels,  I am one of the Haematology Nurse Specialists at Ipswich Hospital.  I have been in post for 3 years, having previously worked in Oncology and Haematology for over 10 years.  My post was initially funded for the first two years by Macmillian, and now by Ipswich Hospital. I work 4 days a week. I work alongside 5 haematology consultants, a registar , a staff grade, another haematology Nurse Specialist who covers leukaemia and transplant, and a Lymphoma Nurse Specialist. Ipswich Hospital has a 25 bedded oncology and haematology ward, and a lovely new extended purpose build out patients department. 

What are your main responsibilities?

My case load is mainly myeloma, MDS and MPN. I act as the keyworker/ Nurse Specialist for these patients.

I provide information and support from diagnosis onwards, to patients and their relatives/carers.  I signpost patients/ carers towards other services and make referrals as needed, and I see patients on the inpatient ward, in the day unit and in clinics, as well as handling lots of queries from patients at home.

Why did you decide to do this role?

Having worked in the field of Oncology and Haematology for 10 years, I found I particularly enjoyed working within haematology.  I find blood disorders and their treatments very interesting.  As my children were growing up at both now at school I wanted more of a challenging role. 

Is there an aspect of your role that you really enjoy?

I particularly enjoy developing relationships with patients and their families over the years.  I hope that this develops a good relationship between myself and patients/ carers, and that they feel confident in coming to me with queries or concerns.

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve had in your job?

There isn’t a particular moment that stands out, I enjoy all the job, particularly if I can see an improvement in patients' conditions, or if they go from being very anxious and upset about their diagnosis into remission from myeloma and are then able to enjoy their lives more.

How does your work impact on patients?

I like to think that I make a positive impact on patients.  That I am able to provide them with the knowledge they want about their condition, that I provide a point of contact in relation to their condition and that I can help empower to have as much control of their disease and treatment as possible.

How has engaging with us impacted on your work?

We recommend Bloodwise as an information and support source to patients, along with other information sources such as Macmillan and Myeloma UK.

I have attended study days and conferences which have had a bloodwise representative there, it is very helpful to meet other haematology nurse specialists and share knowledge and experiences, which in turn hopefully benefits all our patients.

Finally, is there something you would like to see Bloodwise do in the future (for nurses or for patients)?

I think patients enjoy reading other patients stories about managing their conditions and living their lives to the full.  When patients are first diagnosed it can be life changing for them and it is nice to see that they can still enjoy life, though they may have to accept some limitiations. 

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