The Great Bloodwise Tea Quiz

04 Apr 2018

Think you know your gateau from your genoise? Ask your guests to make a small donation to take part in our fun quiz – and get ready to put your baking knowledge to the test

A variety of colourful, patterned cups and saucers

Our Tea with the Girls campaign encourages our supporters to hold a tea party to raise funds for life-saving blood cancer research and patient support. Combine your tea with trivia by asking your guests the following questions.

1. Q: Baking a pie crust without its filling is known as what? A: Blind baking

2. Q: From which country does the Spanische Windtorte originate? A: Austria

3. Q: How many doughnuts are in a ‘baker’s dozen’? A: 13

4. Q: What kind of cheese is usually used in a ‘tiramisu’? A: Mascarpone

5. Q: What are the traditional colours of a Battenberg cake? A: Pink and yellow

6. Q: What is the top of a Dundee cake decorated with? A: Almonds

7. Q: Which two English counties claim to be the true home of the cream tea? A: Devon and Cornwall

8. Q: Which country in the world produces the most tea each year? A: China

9. Q: Which tea was named after a British prime minister? A: Earl Grey

10. Q: What starts with t, ends with t, and is full of t? A: A teapot!

We’ve created a fundraising kit with everything you need to make tea and make a difference: from printable bunting to posters.

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