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Three years ago, Emma spent Christmas Day in the intensive care unit (ICU) after falling seriously ill with blood cancer.

“I became seriously ill and Christmas Day was spent in the ICU being fed through a tube."

Emma in the intensive care unit

"This will be the first Christmas when I can have a glass of champagne. I will be thinking of my ICU-Christmas and of everyone who is now where I was then. I will be surrounded by love and I hope you are too.

Your gift helps bring hope that one day there will be a future where we’ve beaten blood cancer once and for all.”

Look at all the good things your donation will bring this Christmas

£15 could help make sure anyone who is in need of support over the Christmas period has someone to talk to.

£25 could help save lives by finding new and kinder treatments that have fewer side effects both during treatment in the months and years that follow.

£40 could help fund clinical trials to find new treatments for people who have run out of options, offering them a life line.

George also knows what it’s like to spend Christmas living with blood cancer

“I’d already had one Christmas with aggressive leukaemia eight years previously.

Saying prayers by candlelight on Christmas Eve always becomes very emotional, as my mum had died of cancer a few years before. But the uncertainty of my recovery reduced us all to sobbing wrecks.

Over the next few years, Christmas became more ‘normal’ again. But in 2013, I was again battered by illness and treatment.

I was relying on a clinical trial to keep me alive and to get me into remission prior to a stem cell transplant. But I was able to spend Christmas at home.

It was just me and my wife Mariacristina. We bought a little Christmas tree and decorated the house, knowing that this first Christmas on our own could well be our last.

We held hands, stared into each other’s eyes, and danced. It was a Christmas we will never forget.”

George celebrating Christmas with his wife Mariacristina
George celebrating Christmas with his wife Mariacristina

“Your donation this Christmas can help others like me who rely on researchers and clinical trials to keep them alive. Their work is crucial to defeating this disease that leaves people and their families emotionally and physically drained and tragically robs many of their loved ones.”