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In 1960, nothing could be done for my little sister

Some of my most treasured memories are of the Christmases with my little sister, Susan. I remember how excited she was on Christmas Eve. Those memories are precious, but I don’t have as many of them as I should.

That’s because, when Susan was diagnosed with blood cancer, there was no hope of treatment. The Christmas after she died, there was no patter of little feet, and no giggles. There was a piece missing out of the jigsaw. But mum and dad were determined that her death wouldn’t be for nothing. And a year later, they’d set up the UK’s first leukaemia research unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Sylvia Gaunt

Today, thanks to research, my son is celebrating Christmas cancer-free

Felix was diagnosed with blood cancer three years ago. Our world was shattered. I knew that the prognosis for us was good, but all I could think was “I am going to lose my baby”.

Treatment wasn’t easy. ‘There’s no way this tiny three-year-old can tolerate this’ I thought. But he did. He was extraordinary.

But all that is over now. No more chemo. No more testing. It’s just us – our family, together. Years of research has meant that today, Felix is at school, and our family is finally looking forward to celebrating Christmas cancer-free.

Alice, Felix’s mum

Your donation can get us to a future where every child survives

We’re not there yet, but a donation this Christmas will bring all patients closer to the day when they will all hear the words, “You will survive your cancer. We can help you get better. You’ll be able to live your life as fully as you want.”

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