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How does Step Up work?

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14 Mar 2018

​Step Up challenges our supporters to walk 10,000 steps a day for the whole of April to help beat blood cancer. Here’s a guide to how the challenge works and how you can take part.

Two women check their Fitbits in the park. They're taking part in Bloodwise's Step Up challenge to help beat blood cancer

What is Step Up?

Step Up is a month-long step challenge which begins on 1 April 2018. People all over the country will be getting involved and stepping up to support vital blood cancer research.

What’s so special about this step challenge?

Our Step Up challenge doesn’t just rely on you tallying up your steps and writing them down each day – it connects with your Fitbit and automatically logs every step to your total. That means less time spent counting, and more time spent stepping!

What do I need to take part?

All you need to get involved is a Fitbit. If you’ve got one of those already, great! If not, you can still take part – you’ll just need to download the Fitbit app to your phone and use the MobileTrack setting. Read this guide to using MobileTrack.

How does Step Up track my steps?

For Step Up, we’ve partnered up with GivePenny – the #1 connected giving platform. Once you’ve signed up to the challenge, it takes a few short minutes to create a GivePenny fundraising page and connect it with your Fitbit account. From then on, every step you take from April 1 will count towards your step (and fundraising) total!

How will Step Up keep me motivated?

Your supporters can choose to make one-off donations – but to really keep you on track, we recommend they sponsor you on a per step basis. That could be 10p for 1000 steps… or much more. Seeing your fundraising climb with every step will really give you a buzz and spur you on to step!

Can I join in without a Fitbit?

As long as you’ve got a way to track your steps, then you can take part in the challenge. But to really get the most of the experience (and have the most fun), we recommend using a Fitbit.

How can I reach 10,000 steps a day?

They are lots of ways you can work extra steps into your daily routine. Read our tips for reaching 10,000 steps a day.

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