My Peak Challenge


My Peak Challenge is a fundraising and fitness campaign that encourages individuals to sign up and help others while helping themselves

Scottish actor Sam Heughan, star of hit TV series Outlander, created the challenge and chose Bloodwise as beneficiary.

My Peak Challenge has been running since 2015 and in that time has raised over £500,000 to help in the fight against blood cancer. This is thanks to all those members who have signed up to the training programme and the generous donations and sponsorship from people all over the world.

The money raised so far will help fund a clinical trial at the University of Oxford, that's testing a hugely promising way to treat one of the most aggressive forms of blood cancer, acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). 


Since MPC2016 came to a close, the team behind the campaign have had many conversations about how to embrace the growth of the community while preserving its identity and offering maximum support to those members looking to live their best possible lives. Ultimately, there was only one way to do all of that: offer a year-round membership with a focus on community building and global movement.

What that means is that MPC2017 features:

  • A 365-day Prep Program instead of a 60-day Prep Program
  • An official MPC Affiliate program for members around the world
  • Official MPC-endorsed initiative support and platform
  • The exclusive MPC members-only private Facebook group
  • And the first official annual MPC event

Registration is now open at and full details of the new programme can be found there. MPC2017 launched in January 2017 and September 2017 will be this year's Peak Challenge Month. If you have any MPC or Sam Heughan related questions or ideas, please get in contact with the MPC team at

Why your help matters

  • Blood cancer is the third biggest cancer killer and it’s growing – it takes more lives every year than prostate or breast cancer
  • Blood cancer doesn’t discriminate – it can affect people of any age, gender or race, and it’s the most common cancer in children and young adults
  • Bloodwise has funded 4 out of 5 blood cancer researchers, and we’ve made great progress with many major cancer medicine advances coming first from blood cancer research. But there is much more for us to do – so join our team and help beat blood cancer.
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My Peak Challenge