Your Bloody Big Quiz in 7 easy steps

10 Sep 2019

A quiz night is a great way of bringing friends, family and colleagues together for a lively night of fundraising.

Follow our 7 easy steps to create your own Bloody Big Quiz.

We've created a series of questions, from easy, medium and hard, for you to choose from. We've also put together a whole host of materials to promote your quiz and a fundraising guide full of handy hints and tips.

Sign up and you'll receive your quiz pack designed to make your event a great success. 

1. Scout out a venue

You can host your Bloody Big Quiz anywhere, from your local pub to the village hall or even in your staff room at work. As long as you can fit enough people in, anywhere can act as an impromptu venue!

Build your quiz around your quiz-ees. If it’s for friends and family, a weekend would probably be best, but if you’re quizzing your colleagues, straight after work at a venue nearby might be more convenient.

2. Spread the word

Once you’ve settled on your date and location, it’s time to promote your quiz. We’ve got invites and posters that you can personalise, and don’t forget to spread the word on social media. It’s worth speaking to your local press to see if they can do a piece in the paper to promote your night.

Top tip: Give everyone plenty of notice – we suggest planning your quiz a couple of months in advance.

3. Crown your quiz master

Once you've signed up for the quiz you’ll receive an email from Bloodwise with quiz questions and answers attached. You’ll have the chance to choose from our easy, medium or hard questions, or mix and match to create your own unique quiz. The only question now is who will be your quiz master on the night? Pick someone who’s great at whipping up a crowd!

4. Pick your prizes

Once you’ve got the building blocks in place for a fantastic quiz, it’s time to start thinking about prizes. If your prizes are good enough the event might promote itself! Ask local businesses for donations and once you get a prize confirmed start mentioning it in your promotion.

5. Begin the battle of brains

Just before your guests arrive, make sure you’ve decked out the place with our downloadable bunting. By shouting about our cause in the run up to the day and on the night, people are likely to dig deep and donate.

Top tip: Make sure your PA system is working too and that everyone will be able to hear the quiz master.

6. Send in your donations

Once you’ve collected up all the money raised from your quiz, send us your money so we can start putting it towards blood cancer research

  7. Thank everybody

Don’t forget to thank everyone for supporting your Bloody Big Quiz, from your guests to anyone who supported you or donated to the cause.


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